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White or Black Dove releases Grimsby North East Lincolnshire

Doves symbolise love, unity and peace. The bridal couple can have the choice of releasing the doves by hand, or releasing them from one of our beautiful decorated baskets.

It is entirely your choice as to what colour dove/s you wish to release. You may like to hold or release one black and one pure white dove, two pure black doves, or two pure white doves.

You may also wish to involve your bridesmaids, pageboys, the bride and grooms parents, relatives and close friends, in your dove release.

Another wonderful gesture for absent loved ones is a solitary dove release to join the bridal pair of doves. It is a moving symbolic gesture to show that they are always in your thoughts.

Please note all dove releases will be accompanied with a script and poem to accompany the dove release and given to you as a keepsake.

You are welcome to come and visit us to view our doves and their living environment.If you are planning to release by hand, we strongly recommend that you come and visit us so we can show you how to handle the doves, which will enable you to have the ultimate photo shoot. We are children friendly and so are our doves. We realise how important family and friends are to you on your big day.
We are confident in ourselves and our doves, and we want you to be confident too. If needed we can provide gloves for anyone wishing to handle our birds.

Funerals, Commital of ashes, Memorials, Memorial anniversaries.

Saying goodbye to a loved one, Is one of the hardest things you will ever be faced with.
We understand the importance of wanting to get it right and, adding that special personal touch.
A fitting way to end any funeral service, be it a cremation. a burial. Or a committal of ashes, is a solitary “SOULFREE” dove release.

The release can be done by hand or from one of our beautiful decorated baskets and can be accompanied by a poem or words of your choice.

I will personally write and read out any poems or words and you will be given a copy of them as a keepsake.

My work as a civil funeral celebrant and, being a member of,
The Institute Of Civil Funerals, has given me a lot of insight into all types of funerals, and understanding of how bereaved families feel.

You may wish to have more than a solitary dove release.

Whenever a loved one is being reunited with their beloved partner, two doves released can be a symbol of their souls being united again forever.

If you are planning a memorial service.
Whether it be a family gathering, or a private memorial service to remember  the anniversary or birthday of a loved one.
We can offer you a dove release with a personal script or poem to help you mark the occasion.

You can hold the memorial service in the cemetery or crematorium grounds.
In your garden or a place of your choice.

We specialise in pure white dove releases, pure black dove releases, or an alternative pure black, and pure white combined dove release.
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