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White or Black Dove releases Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
History of Doves and some background information:

Doves do not have any homing instincts and would be left to perish in the wild.

Therefore any doves trained for release are homing pigeons.

Pigeons are a part of the dove family.

As a passionate pigeon fancier and having grown up with my father and uncles being passionate pigeon fanciers, I have studied pigeons and know most things there is to know about them.

I have raced in many long distance races.

We guarantee all of our pigeons are well looked after, are vaccinated, are fed on a good diet and are trained regularly.

They naturally pair up with a hen of their choice and mate for life.

They love bathing and having freedom which they have at;

Ebony & Ivory alternative dove releases loft:

Once the doves are released they will usually circle in the sky a couple of times before heading for home.

None of our doves would ever be released from a destination without having several training releases from the designated point of release
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